How a Synvisc Injection Can Help with Osteoarthritis

If you have arthritis pain, you’re not alone. More than one in four Americans with arthritis experiences severe joint pain, and approximately 24 million report limiting their activities because of their symptoms. Fortunately, if you have osteoarthritis in your knees and prefer to avoid or delay a joint replacement, Synvisc-One® could help.

Our team at Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Florida has spent more than 30 years treating joint- and bone-related conditions for people in Fort Myers, Florida. If you have knee pain from osteoarthritis, Dr. Edward R. Dupay, Jr., and our team have this insight into Synvisc-One.

Understanding osteoarthritis

Over 54 million American adults have arthritis. “Arthritis” is a term describing more than 100 types of joint inflammation that causes pain and stiffness. Since there are so many different forms, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all arthritis treatment for everyone. That means it’s crucial to determine the specific cause of your arthritis symptoms to find effective relief. 

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. This condition occurs when the cartilage protecting and cushioning the ends of your bones breaks down. Without this slippery, protective cover, the bones rub together, causing friction, inflammation, pain, and additional cartilage deterioration in your joints. 

Over time, osteoarthritis can impact your entire joint, including the connective tissues holding it securely in place and the fluid and lining inside the joint that nourish the cartilage itself.

What causes osteoarthritis

Several factors can increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis, including:

You can develop osteoarthritis in any joint, but it’s especially common in the knees, which can significantly impact your mobility and affect your quality of life.

How Synvisc-One can help knee pain

Fortunately, you can still find pain relief, even if your osteoarthritis hasn’t responded to conservative treatments like weight loss, exercise, and over-the-counter pain relievers. At Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Florida, Dr. Dupay and our team offer several conservative but highly effective therapies, like Synvisc-One. 

Synvisc-One is an innovative gel-like mixture containing hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a natural substance in your body, and you have especially high levels in your joints. The hyaluronan used in Synvisc-One to supplement your knee fluid comes from chicken combs.

When injected into your knee, Synvisc-One works to lubricate and cushion the joint, helping to restore joint function and reduce knee pain for up to six months.

What to expect from Synvisc-One

We administer your Synvisc-One injection during a routine office visit, and it only takes a few minutes. To keep you comfortable, we start by applying a numbing cream to the injection site, which limits any pain you may experience during your treatment. 

After having your Synvisc-One shot, you may have mild discomfort, swelling, or redness in the area, but this fades quickly. You should avoid strenuous or high-intensity activity for at least two days after your treatment.

For best results, we might recommend a course of three injections scheduled one week apart, and you can treat both knees simultaneously if needed. Some people see improvement after their first injection, but it’s more common to have the most significant relief 8-12 weeks after your first injection.

To see if Synvisc-One can help with your osteoarthritis symptoms, contact our office by calling 239-256-8738 or by requesting an appointment online today.

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